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Atlanta Anti-Tax Tea Party

I've never been one to play on my New England heritage or Bostonian roots (WINK), but when the elected Congress forgets WHO elected them in favor of power politics and the President is too busy making social reforms that will create a nation of debtor zombies, I think my taxation lacks HONEST representation.  What to do?  I was one of the 15-20,000 people that participated in the Atlanta Tea Party, one of the hundreds of thousands that stood up around the country and said NO to a government hell-bent on stripping us of our liberty and our constitution one omnibus bill at a time. 

I know, I haven't written here in, well, forever, and to be honest I haven't even been keeping up with LJ at all.  I come on today, and all of you who write about the news, who lambast the DC scene from the comforts of your desk chairs, had nothing to say about this huge national event.  No one attended?  No one had an opinion?  That's how these blockhead socialists get away with it!  Anyone ever wonder how Hitler made Germany into the Nazi horror show?  Good people sat in their homes and said, "It can't get much worse; someone will surely stop him first."  All tyranny needs, to win, is for those good people to do nothing!

For anyone thinking that this is a Republican movement, think again; most of the people I came across were Libertarian!  Aren't a lot of you Libertarian?

My point (and yes, I have one) is this; there's a time for talk, and a time to stand.  Every man and woman out there who has ever worn the uniform of this country knows that, just like our founding fathers did.  Are your desk chairs really that comfortable?
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I am a man of simple tastes...

Another year has passed in my life, finding me here for my 36th year.  I find it funny that this birthday passed with little fan fare, yet I found it one of the most satisfying.  I stayed in, so far haven't recieved any presents (I've been informed they're enroute, but I'm not impatient), and yet the simplicity of Dale sending me over 20 text messages reciting the lyrics to my favorite birthday tune, and the woman I love conspiring with the guy I live with to get me a birthday cake both had me glowing and nearly fit to cry.  So, this was the world I missed all these years; thank the Gods I've finally found it.
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 I will be at DragonCon this year, so anyone who wants to hang for a bit or possibly do a meal together, I'll have my cell handy- the number is 404-957-6285.  

I apologize in advance if, whilst on the phone with you, I tell you that I'm busy- this IS DRAGONCON, people, and there may be more of you than I can see at one time.  I also have a few things I'd prefer doing by myself, and a few plans that I cannot invite others into, but I will TRY to acommodate everyone.

And if no one calls, so be it; more time for me, hehehehehehehe....
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I'm still alive...

Yes, I realize that I haven't posted in over 3 months.

Yes, I realize that some of you might have noticed that.  

Yes, I realize that some of you might even find that rude.

Nope, not really in the mood to care.  Been dealing with things, working on things, handling things, enjoying things, and finding out things about myself that I need to know.  Also been getting in a lot of good walks.  Needless to say, I don't live my life online, and I don't maintain this journal in substitute for actual, meaningful communication with others.  I'm sorry about the absence, but not about being absent, if that makes any sense.
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The times, they WILL be a'changin'...

I have found myself doing quite a bit of thinking lately, reevaluating my life as I move through it and finding certain elements lacking.  I'm in love, with a wonderful woman no less, and I have every intention of making this relationship work in fullness and affection.  I have a great friend, who's moving on in his education, and I plan to make every effort to keep his company in spirit if not in spacial proximity.  Word by word, page by page, I'm closing in on a destiny as a writer happily expressing his creativity for a living.

So why in bloody hell am I putting up with those who think I'm their sycophant?  When did friendship require my ass to always make contact?  Why is it that when they say they'll do something, I never see it?  And how many times do they think the words "We've were meaning to call you" and "We've been meaning to do [blank activity] with you" will suffice for actually doing such things?  

Well, kids, things are changing, and I'm only but so loyal; I don't put up with this kind of drek.  I'm moving, probably around September 09, and I'm paring down my life to simplify this; I pare people as easily as things when those people become emotional drains.

This is the warning; take it or take off...

One more, since Bobbi's smiling

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Ballad for an Exhiled Queen

It's been seven days since I've last seen your face
and I'm fighting to hold back the chill in the air
My eye always wanders to your empty space
and my heart is an anchor since you're not there

And I am alone
in this room where the poetry hangs
on the wall, unread, and sorrow rang
through me whole the day you walked away
Your name brings the words for my hope to pray

May I be with you
always be near you
Regret when I'm not and 
glad when I can
Anything for you
request and I'll show you
Ever the ready
To prove I'm your man
I pray that I am

I long for more than your voice on the phone
and an empty, candlelit bed every night
The bite of your absence pains me to the bone
and the thought of your kiss is my only respite

And I am alone
in a world where your memory echoes
the thought of you holding me comes and goes
in a mind-fogging haze as I count the days
Your name brings the words, and my hope still prays

May I be with you
Always be near you
Regret when I'm not and 
Glad when I can
Anything for you
Request and I'll show you
Ever the ready
To prove I'm your man...

...I pray that I am

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Since I feel this way...

 The Heart's Hunter

Gentle maiden of the wood,
who plays amongst the deer
I long to spy you bathed in light
under the full moon clear
Clever sister of the trees,
no glimpse I've caught of you
Except for slight reflections
trapped within the morning dew
Dearest daughter of the glen,
you sleep where none may look
Yet I have heard your dreamings 
carried by the whisp'ring brook
My search for you is taxing
both my body and my soul
And yet your laughter echoes 
from each thicket, grove and knoll
The Oaks say there's no hurry,
and heed them I know I should
They say she'll soon be with me
my sweet maiden of the wood

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wish fulfillment realized

 Spent the evening with rosencrantz23    and I think the poor guy had to suffer a fate worse than death; seeing me absolutely happy.  I hope it took it well, because I realize that I'm kind of combustibly bubbly right about now; me and Happy barely recognize each other most days, and now we're bestest buddies. So, what's with the happy?  Well, first, I have good friends.  That may seem like an odd thing to say, but I've spent years alone with only myself to turn to; friends are the exception, not the rule. Second, I'm writing like a mad bandit, and I'm going to lay siege to Baen until they realize that I'm their man and they sign me.  No choices there, kids; I will be published, period!  I love this sense of creativity that has pretty much consumed me, and I'm not letting it go. Finally, and most importantly, I'm in love!  No, this is not the 'oh, Wyatt just met a girl and he's happy' syndrome.  This is the 'Chris (my given name) fell in love 18 years ago, to a wonderful woman, lost her through his youthful idiocy, Life and Fate, never fell out of love with her, and now has her back!  This is making the woman of my dreams happy for the rest of my life!  This is the first day of the rest of the life that I always wanted time! I couldn't make anything this great up!  I think that Dale understands; I hope he does, because someday he's going to be standing next to me, before a priest and beside my darling Bobbi, enjoying his life long love of information as I am enjoying mine of the written word, and I'm very much looking forward to that day... ... with the exception of his wicked sense of sarcasm.  Is it to early to dread the Best Man's speech?  LOL
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I honestly can't believe I wrote this years ago; it seems right today

My Religion

In my mind's eyes, I see a day
when we will seem like someone new
A time when all our wounds are healed
and happiness is all we'll know

In my heart's eyes, I see a way
to mend the wrongs that our pasts drew
to trust and have secrets revealed
to be, and in each other grow

In my soul's eyes, I see the fall
of walls within that kept us closed
And in their wake shines Love's own light
to dispell shadows where we live

And in your eyes, I see it all
The way to dreams I once supposed
The candle-glow to warm each night
To you, this dream I wish to give